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No matter where your building is located or what it is used for, there’s one powerful tool that will make it run more efficiently: operator education.  The Building Operator Certification® (BOC) program encourages and looks forward to being a resource in life long learning of all forms to complement traditional training and education.  

Incentives, Discounts and Scholarships

Earn Cash-Back Incentive for Xcel Energy Customers- available upon completion of BOC courses after 7/1/19

Demonstrating your initiative to achieve high standards in energy management is rewarded by Xcel Energy. Thoroughly understanding the mechanics of building systems helps facility and operations managers make informed decisions for energy-efficiency strategies. As an incentive to attend BOC training, we are offering partial tuition reimbursement of $500 when you complete the training.

To earn your tuition reimbursement, keep in mind:

  • Only one building operator is eligible for the reimbursement per building.

  • Incentives are a $500 at fee regardless if the building is electric only, gas only or combo.

  • Building operators are required to operate a building of over 50,000 square feet to qualify for the reimbursement.

Once you have received your training certificate of completion you will find an online cash-back incentive application on the Xcel Energy website to submit along with your certificate of completion to Xcel Energy. Once approved, your reimbursement check of $500 will be mailed to your organization.


A 10% discount is available for each additional BOC registration from a single organization. Also, a 10% is discount is available to members of partner trade or professional organizations such as the Building Operator Association of Colorado.

Tools and Articles

BOC Program Guide

Building Operator Certification (BOC®) is a nationally- recognized training and certification program for building engineering and maintenance staff which offers improved job skills to create more comfortable, energy efficient facilities. This BOC Program Guide outlines all the training and credential program details. Please contact us 720.408.4888 if you have questions or need assistance.

Energy Saving for BOC

The Building Operator Certication (BOC®) program has consistently produced positive documented energy savings and has proved to be cost effective. Since 2000, a number of BOC program sponsors have engaged independent third-party evaluators to assess and document the BOC’s energy savings impacts. This factsheet (FAQ) summarizes the electricity and fossil fuel savings from the studies published in this body of work. With increased reliance on energy efficiency as a resource and more utilities claiming energy savings for their BOC programs, the energy savings continue to be rigorously scrutinized.

O&M Programs at a Glance

The table below compares national certification programs that provide a participant with an understanding of energy efficient operations and maintenance practices for commercial buildings. 

Effective May 2016.